A downloadable game for macOS and Android

Get all 4 core bits to recharge your battery and go back home!

Take off the Cardboard device and tilt it from Landscape Right to Portrait and back to change perspectives. This is the same gesture used to return to the main menu in the Cardboard demo app. Your perspective changes how you interact with the game:

First Person

  • Click the trigger to interact with objects when the reticle expands
  • When you're holding an object, clicking the trigger will throw it
  • Talk to characters to get ideas on how to find more core bits

Third person

  • Hold down the trigger to move your character (the little grey capsule) where you're looking

Eventually this will all be explained in game but for now just play around with tilting and the trigger. Exploration is the name of the game!

The audio clips might be distorted. There's not many of them yet but if you find it weird or annoying then feel free to turn your sound off.

Install instructions

Download the APK onto your Android phone. Allow the installation of APK's from unknown sources so that it doesn't get blocked by Android. You may need to restart your device. Then install the game, run it, and put the device in your Cardboard device.


  • Android or iOS device
  • Cardboard viewer (v1 probably not supported on iOS)


PocketGardens1.apk 20 MB
PocketGardens1.ipa 18 MB

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